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    You're never too old to ask this question. When it's time to (re)invent yourself, knowing what makes you special

    guides your search and helps you get there.



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      For companies who know that that value their people as real people, not just doers of a job.


      • An extraordinary moment to experience together
      • Promotes the unique added value of each member of the team
      • Strengthens relationships
    • ABOUT

      Shani Herrmann

      I help people find meaning in their work. Not long after they start working with me, the wheels begin to turn and life begins to change concretely. Opportunities arise. People start feeling great about their work life...and life in general!


      The How To Be Me method is the fruit of my work life so far: intercultural training, language teaching, and above all, not knowing what to be when I grew up. I know how hard it is to be able to do everything and not know why I should do anything.


      Unsurprisingly, it's a method that contains all of me:


      - Teacher: a simple format of consecutive exercises, workbook-style


      - Interculturalist: Explores each person's system of beliefs and values


      -Language Learner: Each exercise is carefully worded to provoke a certain type of response


      Simple. Straightforward. Cooperative. Efficient. And FUN!


      Consider me a recipe developer for happiness that helps others find theirs.

      For a bit more about my values, read my philosophy.


      Let's talk. Online, or on the good ol'-fashioned telephone.

      Emails are nice, but I love it when people call me :)

      Strasbourg, France
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